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About Us

Early March, 2015

After handing in my final State issued test, I was left to sit in my seat and think. No talking, no phones, no drawing. I had plenty of time to think. But time to think was exactly what I needed, since I had been trying to think of a name for the all of the clothing, art, and videos that my friends and I were constantly producing. The Proctors voice shattered my train of thought; “If you're done with your test, you have plenty of downtime to yourself,” he announced to the class. That was it, Downtime Factorem was born. The ‘Factorem’ portion was later added to the name (factorem in Latin literally translates to maker or creations), accentuating the nature of the name. While trying to think of a logo for the company, I tried to think very basic. While brainstorming how I could better brainstorm, the iconic lightbulb-over-the-head image came to mind, and the Lightbulb logo was born. 

April 21, 2015

After months of sketching and toying with the Lightbulb idea, I came up with the first iteration of the Lightbulb logo. The first ever Downtime Factorem t-shirts are primitively screen-printed. 

April 26, 2015

The first drop is put together with gray, white, red, and blue shirts with the primitive black Lightbulb.

February 8, 2016

The updated Lightbulb logo is created. Much more time and effort than the original, but a much cleaner, more professional look.


Starting and operating in a basement, with nothing but a laptop, a sewing machine, and a handmade printing press, Downtime has grown to places I had never expected it to. From the start till forever, Downtime will be an outlet for my creative passions and a name for art, media, and clothing. Support the name and enjoy the show.

-Grant Lewis